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Pre-Order Policy

[Pre Orders]

All pre-order dates are given to us by the manufacturers and should be treated as estimates. We can not control any delays on shipments.

Pre-Order FAQ

Do you charge right away for pre-orders or can I pay later? 

Pre-orders are charged at check out.

Why should I preorder an item?

Preordering your item will give you the highest priority on the items we receive from the manufacturer, and allows us to send it out immediately on release day (or before)!

Can I combine pre-orders with in-stock items?

Currently, to avoid shipping delays we ask that you order your pre-orders separately from instock items. Orders placed together will be sent together when the pre-ordered item is available.

Are my preorders guaranteed?

We are not able to guarantee that all customers orders are met. Even though we place orders based on the amount of pre-orders we receive, manufacturers and suppliers have complete control on the quantity of an item that will be shipped out. We ensure to do our best in estimating and limiting our pre-orders when necessary.

Can you guarantee the availability date of a pre order?

Just like the item's quantity, the availability date is something we can't guarantee. 

Can I cancel a pre-order?

Yes. If you would like to cancel your pre-order you must send us a cancellation request before your order ships out. If the order has already been marked as shipped we will have to treat it as a return. Although we allow cancellations, if we find someone abusing our cancellation policy we reserve the right to refuse any future business dealings.

How do I know when my pre order arrives? 

Once your pre order arrives in our warehouse, we will send you an email confirmation plus tracking number (if available).